Make every mark count with our test analytics



Every mark matters. Use our analytics software to identify ways of quickly boosting your scores.

While we can't guarantee the co-operation of your horse or the friendliness of the judge, we can promise to help you make the most of your score score sheets and focus your training where it matters most.

How many of us really look carefully at every single mark from a test sheet. Or compare those marks to the sheets from the last show, or the show before that, or the show last year? Well with this app, you can.

Simply enter the marks from a test on our easy-to use form (it really isn't as painful as it sounds!) and let the app take care of the rest.

It'll automatically figure out your percentage and collectives (just in case the venue got it wrong 😬 ) plus it'll store that test sheet in your database, so no worries if you later lose the test sheet.

The analytics will show you for a particular level and a specific horse:

  • what your average, highest and lowest scores are

  • which test is your highest or lowest scoring on average (so you can avoid or choose that one!)

  • which are your highest/lowest movements are

  • which pace is your best/worst

  • which rein is your best and worst

  • which judge tends to score you high or low

  • which venue do you do well (or not so well!) at

Not only that, but get answers and suggestions for schooling exercises for the following questions:

  • Which movements should I focus on improving for an upcoming test? (Great for getting last-minute improvements specifically for the test you'll be doing e.g. Prelim 17 or Elementary 53)

  • Which test should I do? (Is the qualifying window about to shut and you need one more great score to seal your championship qualification? Use this tool to help you choose the test you're best at and help hedge your bets!)

  • Which movements at this level should I focus on? (Great for general training at whatever level you're working at, use this tool to figure out a series of exercises to work on as part of your regular training)

  • Is my horse equal left and right? (This analyses your scores for each movement as ridden on the left and right reins and compares the scores, highlighting if you're getting substantially better marks one way vs the other)



From the free walk to your flying changes, get suggestions for schooling exercises to help boost your marks.

The app has a whole list of schooling exercises to help every horse, from novice to advanced. Trainer's tips guide you through the exercise. These are great for finding inspiration for your next raining session or when you're struggling with a certain movement.

We feel that it's important to focus on the movements you're already doing well, not just those that you struggle with, as it's often quicker and easier to make those scores even better than it is to boost a movement you struggle with.

You can even create your own exercise. Ever had a really great session with a trainer and they've given you a whole bunch of exercises that exactly hit the spot, but you're worried they'll leak out of your mind almost as soon as you leave the arena? Well fear no more - add the exercises to your own app, or even better, get the trainer to share the exercise with you via the app!

There's also the option to add exercises to custom lists. Found a set of exercises that really help improve your horse's suppleness? Make a "suppleness" list. Have you planned your warmup with your trainer? Add the exercises to a "warmup" list so you don't forget in the heat of the moment on show day.

You can track your progress through the library - challenge yourself to see if you can ride all of the exercises. We'll be adding new exercises all the time, so it'll be an ongoing challenge.