On-demand biomechanics and training for horse and rider



Track a rider's position live in real-time* with absolutely no hassle!

Get measurements of a rider's body position using just your phone, with no need for any special jackets or markers. Simply open the app, click Biomechanics >> New Assessment >> Rider-Live and it'll start tracking the rider.

Already have a video? No problem, you can run rider biomechanics assessments from videos you've already got on your phone. Or if you've filmed in slow-motion. Just choose the Rider-Video option from the Biomechanics Assessments menu.

The system finds key points on the rider's body, both from the side or the front depending on how you're filming them. It uses these points to measure key metrics such as how far forward a rider is tipping, if they're dropping a shoulder or if their lower leg is too far back.

We use a traffic-light system of green (good), yellow (ok) and red (needs improvement) so it's really easy for a rider to see which aspects of their position need improvement and which they've perfected.

The app automatically gives suggestions for exercises or stretches for a rider to do based on their biomechanics results (see below)

At the moment, this analysis is restricted to Dressage, but the rider tracking will work over fences. We're working on bringing you jumping analysis too, but it's a little more complicated!

*please note that this feature is currently not available for Android but will be shortly. We apologise for the delay.



Track the movement of your horse using just your phone, no need to stick any markers him.

For now, there's no live option to run the horse biomechanics. You'll need to film his movement from the side (see our guide here on how to get the best video) and then upload the video to the cloud for processing via the app. After a few minutes, you'll get all his results straight to your phone.

The app picks automatically detects key points on the horse, which it uses to calculate key stride metrics. It finds: the base of his ears, the corner of the mouth, the elbow, knee and fetlock on the front leg and the stifle,hock and fetlock on the hind leg.

It gives stride metrics such as the extension and flexion angles and the range. You can use these to compare his left rein to the right or to track any changes (both positive and negative) over time.

We're working on bringing you more analysis on the results, so keep your eyes peeled!



Rider-focused exercises and stretches to help improve your performance in the saddle.

So we all *know* that we should focus just as much on our own training as our horses, but there are only so many hours in the day! In light of that, we've tried to make these exercises and stretches as easy and straight forwards as possible.

The rider biomechanics assessment will automatically make suggestions for exercises or suggestions that may help improve a rider's performance. Riders can also access all the exercises from the training section of the app, including some plans that string exercises together.

Our aim is to have a mix of floor-based exercises as well as those that you can do in the saddle (including no-stirrups work of course!) to make things as easy as possible.



A selection of schooling exercises categorised by level, keyword, what it helps and trainer. Plus create your own exercises.

The app has a whole list of schooling exercises to help every horse, from novice to advanced. Trainer's tips guide you through the exercise. These are great for finding inspiration for your next raining session or when you're struggling with a certain movement.

You can even create your own exercise. Ever had a really great session with a trainer and they've given you a whole bunch of exercises that exactly hit the spot, but you're worried they'll leak out of your mind almost as soon as you leave the arena? Well fear no more - add the exercises to your own app, or even better, get the trainer to share the exercise with you via the app!

There's also the option to add exercises to custom lists. Found a set of exercises that really help improve your horse's suppleness? Make a "suppleness" list. Have you planned your warmup with your trainer? Add the exercises to a "warmup" list so you don't forget in the heat of the moment on show day.

You can track your progress through the library - challenge yourself to see if you can ride all of the exercises. We'll be adding new exercises all the time, so it'll be an ongoing challenge.