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What's in the App?

On-demand biomechanics and training for horse and rider


Rider Biomechanics

Capture a rider's body movement instantly using just your phone or iPad, no need for any markers or special clothing.

Simply point your device at the rider and the app will automatically start tracking the rider's body.

Record an assessment to get an immediate report highlighting parts of a rider's position that are good or could do with improvement.

Easily keep track of progress and improvement to help keep motivated.

See suggestions for exercises and stretches based on the biomechanics assessment that may boost performance.

Horse Biomechanics

Track a horse's movement under saddle using video shot on your phone.

Record his stride metrics and keep track of any changes over time.

Check our filming guide for full instructions on how to get the best results from the horse biomechanics system.

Please note that we are in the process of updating our horse biomechanics system.


Rider-focused Training

Exercises both in and out of the saddle designed to help maximise a rider's performance.

See collections of exercises specifically designed to deal with particular positional issues, such as tipping forwards or a swinging lower leg.

For a more comprehensive training regimen, try one of the training plans, each of which focuses on a particular topic, such as a stronger core.

Horse-focused Training

Find inspiration at any level of training with our library of schooling exercises.

Filter by level, keyword, pace or trainer to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

You can even create your own collections of exercises so that you never need to worry about forgetting those exercises that work the best!

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