BLACKDOG Equestrian Biomechanics

Subscription Plan Options

The app itself is free to download, then you'll need a subscription to access all the app's features. Take a look at the options below to select the best one for you and your horse(s).


* unlike for the paid plans, the upload quota available in the free tier will not renew each month.


Subscription Plan Pricing

The monthly price for each subscription will vary depending on your currency and local taxes in your region. The correct price for your country will be displayed on the subscription page of the app.

You can choose a monthly or yearly recurring subscription.

As a rough guide, here's the approximate price of the app in a few of our most popular countries. Due to fluctuations in currency and taxation, we cannot guarantee that this table is accurate, but it is a good approximation. For  up-to-date, ACCURATE pricing, please refer to the app.