BLACKDOG Dressage Analytics

App Pricing Structure

There is an initial cost of £2.49 (see table below) to get the app from the AppStore or Google Play and then it works on an Test Credit system.

Every time you add the full set of marks from a test sheet, you'll use up 1  Test Credit.

The app automatically comes with 10 Test Credits, so you can add the marks from 10 of your score sheets straight away without needing any additional purchases. There-after, you can buy bundles of 10, 20 or 50 Test Credits in-app.

If you're out of credits, you will still be able to view all of your analytics and the suggestions for the scores you've already added.


The actual price for each Test Credit bundle  will vary depending on your currency and local taxes in your region. The correct price for your country will be displayed on the "Buy Test Credits" page of the app.

As a rough guide, here's the approximate price of the app in a few of our most popular countries. Due to fluctuations in currency and taxation, we cannot guarantee that this table is accurate, but it is a good approximation. For  up-to-date, ACCURATE pricing, please refer to the BLACKDOG Dressage Analytics App.