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[S29] a lower-body strengthening exercise

Squats are great for improving your lower body strength and stability. They also help with the mobilisation of your lower back.

How do I do it?

Start in a standing position, feet hip width apart. Slowly bend down backwards, as if you were lowering yourself into a chair. Keep bending until your bum is level with your knees and then stand up again.

How will this help my riding?

Squats strengthen your lower body, which increases your stability on the horse. If you’re not strong and stable, you’ll be wobbling all over the place which will cause you to seize up and be rigid in the saddle. You need strength and stability to be able to move with the horse in balance.

What does this exercise target?

Squats target loads of muscles in your lower body: gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius (buttocks), quadriceps (front of the thigh), hamstrings (back of the thigh), adductor (groin), hip flexors, calves.

What should I be careful of?

Don’t let your knees come forwards more than your toes. Look down and check that you can just glimpse your toes at all times.

Before starting any new exercise or training regime, we advise you to consult a physician, doctor, physiotherapist or other expert. The plans and exercises presented here and on the BLACKDOG Equestrian App are for guidance only and they do not offer advice on which you should rely. The App and the Services have not been developed to meet your individual requirements.

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