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About us

The BLACKDOG Equestrian App is here to help every horse and every rider maximise their potential.


Our Philosophy

Our goal with the app is to help each and every rider improve their performance.

You cannot see your improvement if you don't track your progress. The app is all about measuring your performance and highlighting areas that you're doing well and those areas that may need some extra attention.

We did not design the app to replace a trainer. It's there to work along side the,. We see it as an extension of their professional toolkit, rather than as their replacement.

Remember: progression, not perfection!


Our Story

BLACKDOG biomechanics was started by Dr Ilse Daly back in 2018. As a PhD student at the University of Bristol in the UK, she was struggling to afford regular training and could feel her position on her dressage horses Ru and Teddy, slipping. Purely out of curiosity, she decided to see if the computer vision techniques she was using in her scientific work could also track the upper body of a rider. Some trial and error, and several sessions spent altering computer code perched on the mounting block, she had a working system. BLACKDOG biomechanics was born.

Initially, it was just a service, where riders would come to clinics. However, it was soon apparent that the technology could expand much more widely, and so BLACKDOG evolved, and we created the BLACKDOG Equestrian Biomechanics App.

Sounds so simple when we write it down, but as with any new venture, it's been challenging! We're constantly looking to improve and we're neck-deep in the research and development of our horse biomechanics system.




If you have any questions about the app or need a bit of help, feel free to get in touch via email or our socials

fb: @blackdogequestrian

We're also keen to hear from riders, trainers and professionals like physios who may be interested in a collaboration.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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