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Biomechanics, training and analytics, all to help improve horse and rider performance


Let the App take your performance to the next level

Using the app along side your regular training sessions gives you the ability to track your progress, make improvements and find inspiration when you've run out of schooling ideas. Most importantly, it'll help you reach your full potential!


Biomechanics for
Horse and Rider

Get fast, analytical feedback on your position and your horse's movement.


Focused Training

With plans ranging from rider fitness to increasing the horse's suppleness to improving his flying changes, there is something here for every rider.


Schooling Exercises

Use our library of training exercises to help work through training issues or just to change up your routine. Or create your own exercises to keep a reminder of a great exercise you've found.


Make every mark count! Use our analytics system to figure out which are your best and worst movements and how to improve them. Plus a whole host of other analytics designed to get your training on-track.


Training, Feedback and Analysis.
Ready when you are.

The BLACKDOG Equestrian App is the next generation in digital training. It uses state-of-the-art machine learning technology to deliver automatic video analysis, giving feedback on rider position and a horse's biomechanics. It also offers schooling exercises and training plans to help riders build on their biomechanics results and improve their performance.

It's not designed to take the place of your trainer or coach. Instead, it's there to help you get the most out of your training sessions.


for horse and rider

Schooling Exercises

for inspiration and motivation


ridden and fitness plans

Score Analytics

make every mark count