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the BLACKDOG Equestrian app
is now a part of



The horse & rider biomechanics app

Boost your riding performance
with the app's mix of

biomechanics & training

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live rider biomechanics

Instantly capture a rider's biomechanics using just your phone or iPad

Get an immediate report highlighting areas of a rider's position that are good, ok or that need improvement

Capture a rider's position
Compare results

Compare results to see the  improvement a rider is making

Track the horse's biomechanics, capturing his stride metrics using just your phone

Horse biomechanics app screenshot
Tailored exercises to improve rider biomechanics performance

Get suggestions, based on the biomechanics results, for exercises and stretches to maximise performance

Find training inspiration for any horse with our library of
schooling exercises

Horse dressage schooling exercises

It's biomechanics without the hassle!
no markers, no special clothing, just your phone

blackdog biomechanics for horse and rider
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