New Technology for
Traditional Methods

What's in the app


Biomechanics Analysis

Simply film a horse and rider in their regular clothes and tack from the side using your smart phone. Upload the video to our cloud platform through the app, wait a few minutes and receive detailed analysis of the rider's position and the horse's movement.


Training Plans

There are two categories of plan: ridden plans that focus on exercises for horse and rider in the saddle and fitness plans that focus on work out of the saddle. We all know that we should be doing exercises off-horse to help us improve our performance, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start!


Schooling Exercises

A library of schooling exercise layouts categorised by level, how they'll help the horse's way of going and the trainer who authored them. Mark when you've ridden each one and keep a track of your progress through the library. New exercises will be added on a regular basis. (Currently all flatwork, but stay tuned for polework and jumping coming soon)


Performance Analytics

Coming soon!


Available now!